About Us


Hi I am Micheal, the founder of Patwah Jamaica Spirits.
The reason for starting Patwah Jamaica Spirits as a company, people know that  Jamaica is famous for it’s rum. Despite gin’s popularity, there were no Gin distilleries on the island.

In 2018 I decided to take the challenge and produce my own Patwah Jamaica Spitits, creating flavoured gin, using my experience and background.
I took the name from our Jamaican speaking ‘Patwah’ (‘Patois’) and have carried our tropical Jamaica theme over to our products, which are vibrant and colourful a splash of Jamaican sunshine in every bottle.

Gin Production

This year we have bought our gin to the Uk so you can experience the unique tropical flavours and bring a dash of Jamaican sunshine to your life.

I am extremely privileged to work with Lytham Gin, an award winning small batch Master Distiller, to bring you four exciting gins packed with botanicals and flavours that only the Caribbean can supply.


Me at Lytham Gin