Patwah Spirits Jamaica Gin

Passion Fruit & Mango Jamaica Gin

Patwah Spirits Jamaican Gin

Sunset Orange Jamaica Gin

Patwah Spirits Jamaican Gin

Guava infused Jamaica Gin

Patwah Spirits Jamaica Gin

Papaya & Ginger Jamaica Gin

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Patwah brings an incredible blend of their finest and most naturally distilled
handmade spirit gin.

Are you just tired of the monotonous, overstocked online liquor stores? Allow us to swoop in and save you from pure mediocrity. Welcome to Pawtwah Jamaican Gin, the online liquor store dedicated solely to making your life fun and uplift your spirits. With our award-winning master distiller, we provide you with the finest product made with the best natural ingredients from the Caribbean Tropical, Jamaica. We understand most of the fine things in life are not easily accessible; therefore, we are on a mission to ensure you have access to the most superior alcohol wherever you are.

Forget the hassles and bustles of poor quality and overstocked liquor stores; Patwah Jamaican Gin is all about quality over quantity. From the comfort of your home, you can be confident that any flavour you order from us will satisfy your taste buds and uplift your spirit! With Patwah Jamaican Gin, there is a story and a special moment with every bottle; therefore, we pass it to you; with every glass, you will have your own remarkable story to tell.

We bring you an incredible blend of our most refined and most naturally distilled handcrafted spirit gin. Made with the best hand-picked Juniper berries and other aromatic botanicals, we present you with four dazzling arrays of flavours to select the one that you prefer and savour each moment with every sip.  Besides, we make it incredibly clear and easy for you to choose ABV()Alcohol By Volume) of 40% to percent.

Don’t tone down your creative side, feel free to mix it up, spice-it-up, and sweeten your drink with all our flavoured time.

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Our four Special Gins

Our 4 Amazing Flavours

  • Guava
  • Passion fruit & Mango
  • Sunset Orange
  • Papaya & Ginger
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